my fav art supplies! ^_^

these are all things I use! if you wanna see examples see my gallery page :D happy to answer questions too!

keep in mind i have been trying / collecting things for a long long time so pls don't think u need all this stuff! these are just my favs, if u like other stuff go for it!

drawing supplies

for pencils, I use all kind of things! I either use a regular wood HB, B, 2B or whatever I have lying around

pentel techniclick mechanical pencils (the best one IMO) Pentel make erasable coloured mechanical pencil leads and i rly like those!

or these. kids daiso rocket pencils. they slap so hard i love these.

for erasers, you need to try any of the daiso face ones. they are so cute and easilly the best ive tried, and ive tried a LOT

for inking, i'll use about anything LOL but for even lines, i use any multiliner (unipin do my fav but rly theyre all the same) or for varied lines I use the pentel touch sign pen!

I also use nib pens with india ink (speedballs is good) I normally use a G nib or a school nib!

any japanese brand fine IMO, any holder is good just pick ur fav looking one. sometimes I use a paintbrush to ink but I just use any cheap kind lol

for markers, I use copics! sketch and ciao are the same buy ciao if they have ur colour. copic LIE and say they are different, they are just smaller and u can still refil it!

copics are. so expensive in Australia. I bulk buy in japan when possible since a ciao is like 250 yen there and one is 8$ AUD (650 yen roughly) I can't stand paying local prices LMFAO but they are a great investment if u use them a lot and refil them! I've had mine like. 10 years and they are still so sexy

also paper made for markers always sucks ass IMO. I use mixed media, cardstock or printer paper lol

painting supplies

for watercolour, the best brand BY FAR is holbein. i love holbein. this is a windsor and newton free zone I don't like theirs and I used them for YEARS. they are prob OK if you use realistic colours but they don't suit my neons / pastels and are too expensive. I squeeze holbein tubes into any old paint palette and use them dried!

for acryla goauche, I use holbein as well! I've tried turner and nicker but they are not quite as good (turner cracks a bit but i use their pastels anyway TpT ) these are so good! I don't use normal acrylic cause these are much better. kinda hate normal acrylic not gunna lie to u.

again, these are DIRT CHEAP in japan. even using a service to buy them from sekaido (heaven) is prob cheaper than locally, but I havent tried yet! they go far but i like the huge tubes

for normal goauche, i use himi / miya jelly goauche! i love this and its really cheap and cute. acryla goauche is a bit more versatile / easy to use but these are nice for small stuff or if im too lazy to squeeze tubes out.

I don't love the white tho i use a holbein acrylagoauche instead! I also use a refil for neon pink cause it wasnt in my set

latley instead of watercolour, i've been using ink the same way! again, holbein ink is my fav but i cant find it here so I got some daler rowney FW ink. its not the best I think I should have got ecoline or liquitex or something but here it is anyway! I like ink instad of WC since u can do more layers without the previous reactivating :D

I haven't posted anything in oils yet since im still practicing but holbein (lol) make a rly good one! their duo aqua oil is GOOD since u can wash it with water and I dont want turps around my cat.

though i usually hate them windsor and newton make water oils too and i got a pink and cyan one of theirs and it works about the same! and some water linseed oil idk what brand tbh!

ill use any paintbrush.. i like do not care LMAO i buy them from daiso a lot. I really like these micador roymac imitation sable ones that i can find at the hobby store for really cheap lmao! but like any synthetic watercolour brush should be gucci for like all paints.

surfaces / misc

for sketchbooks / paper: i use a lot. here is some of my favs! some of these are hard to get in australia (T-T) if u live where its easy to get canson XL please try it u will love it. they sell it here but its bound on the wrong side and i hate that OTL

Ill use just about anything though even printer paper lol! I cant get these sketchbooks atm so im gunna try some new ones (i used to travel to japan every so often and stock up in bulk lol but c*vid T_T)

EDIT: ok i found a good new one here! this born to art (lol?) officeworks one is BOMB actually and rly cheap. hell yes

I paint on all the above books (- the orion) but for watercolour I use canson XL watercolour or whatever else I can find! haven't found one I love yet but heres some I use anyway! good ones are rly expensive so i haven't tried those yet LOL i also use cheapo canvasses

I like using an airbrush but im NOT good yet lol! I thin down ink or acrylagoauche with water and put it in there. for the gun I really reccomend the Sparmax .3mm/7cc MAX-3 Airbrush, i used a cheapo nobrand one first and this is way better for not that much more expensive!

for the air compressor, get one that has a big tank to store air! mines a hseng one (nobrand technicaly) but anything that looks like it will work! the gun needs an air compressor to work!

airbrush stuff is expensive to buy (i got it as a gift to myself for graduating uni) but you only need to buy it once and it should last forever, and if you already have the paint i think its fun to try! (defs nice for big gradients that normally give me RSI to paint)

if you want to be kind to your bones (please be kind to your bones) don't draw only on a flat surface! I like table easels for the table and like. this pink desk tray for days where I can only manage the couch or bed.

any brand is fine, the pink one was on ebay i think! paint looks and dries better on an easelly thing tho, and gravity can help move ur watercolour for big washes!

for digital art, i use Clip stdio paint! everyone talks about how good it is and they are right. it goes on sale a lot so wait till it does! don't even bother with anything else IMO its too good! blender is best for 3D art. avoid adobe dont pay for that!

for tablets, i use the XP pen 12 pro and its great! cheaper than I thought it'd be, nice to draw on! i tried an ipad and i hate using that to draw so imo this is way better

this is not supplies but if u want bright neon eye destroying colours: its better to mix with lemon yellow, cyan and magenta instead of red blue and yellow! those work for realism but i prefer my eyes to hurt. get the most vivid ones u can find for more saturation!

U can still get red by mixing magenta and yellow for example. will make ur pics a BITCH to scan though so u will need to photograph them instead and then heavilly edit T_T or u can paint normally with red blue and yellow that will scan well (im in pain)

hope this helps! :D again, feel free to ask anything!

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