warning for some NSFW content!

Abel needed a worstie !


Holly is 24, she/her lesbian, 165 cm /5.4".

She is Abel's hairdresser and frenemy. She is bitchy and vapid, unapologetically bimbo. Big on gossip and fashion, has a smiley disposition but in a "wowwww~ gross~!" apathetic way

Has expensive tastes, likes Chanel, miu miu most and loius V most. Is rich from inheritance and mainly does hairdressing for fun

hopelessly single and really can't get a gf. thought she was bi but instantly realised she was gay after trying to platonically fuck Abel when they were both bored

For fun, she goes shopping or drinking, or trying to pick up girls.


my drawings! newest first

Her and Abel shopping!

more about her on Abel's tumblr!

u can send her an ask if u want just lmk its for her not Abel ^^

steal her look!

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