anime I like!

ones i've watched since 2020 or so! everything is above a 7/10 ⭐

not rly in order! names translated if i feel like it leave me alone lol

ya boy kongming!

havent finished this yet bcuz its airing rn but YEEAH GO WATCH THIS.. GO NOW!! GO

black clover


Jujutsu 0

CRYING AND ROLLING ON GROUND rly good!! if u like jujutsu u saw this already but hey ur reading this anyway

golden boy

100% no joke one of the best things ive ever watched. you NEED to watch it dubbed but not with ur parents home maybe idk how old you are. very wholesome actually!!

ousama ranking

BOJI!!! like just go watch this what am i gunna say. look at his lil face. spoony rights (gore warning here)

urusei yatsura 2: beautiful dreamer

i was rly tired while i watched this i might have slept for 3 mins but honestly thats on brand i like this movie :) lum cute!! hell yeah!

blue period

must watch if you draw! or if u do anything i guess its just good lol yaguchi is a good boy and i want to paint now im thinking abt it again lol

komi san

yes there is some weird characters i can get past that because its rly fun and cute ToT i love komi so much shes the best very shes just like me for real (but accepted in society)

vanitas no karte

woefully targeted at me so badly that everyone i know cant bring it up without brutally making fun of me. sorry its not my fault!


im def not 100% smart enough for this but i watched it all and rly liked it!!! had bf to translate large concepts for my tiny bimbo brain which helped. the cast is huge but i like them so much and the art is so nice!!

DBZ broly

COOL AS HELL i havent watched much DBZ yet but i liked this sm :) broly is good!!!

godzilla SP

idk i cant explain this i have almost no idea what i was watching tbh but it was rly fun the whole time and the all ASD cast was great :D yes even godzilla. maybe read some physics first i dont know lol

given movie

YEAH GAY RIGHTS i havent watched given im a fraud my bf was watching this so i gatecrashed it. SO GOOD YEAH rly well done and the music is rly good!!

eva 3.0+1.0 etc

(loudly crying emoji) as a previous rebuild mild disliker this is my favourite movie ever made. farm rei.. go watch but u have to get through every other major eva anime first ok it will be better and makes those better

fruits basket :brotherhood

GOGOGO WATCH THIS RN if you havent read the manga whatre you doing. well this is Better actually go watch it!!

gachaman crowds

gay ppl Must Watch (i havent watched S2 as i write this) SO GOOD!! could not have aged better in metaverse era. gay ppl. gay metaverse the future the left want

Dr stone

I LOVE DR STONE i miss it already T_T i love scifi the increasing progress is really fun!


(resident shoujo luvr) this is a rly good one!! cast is fun and i like miya so much hes very cute and fun!! rly well made and funny!


LOVE IT IM LGBT but yEAH the coolest vibe! great CGI I have nothing bad to say. come back Now

Jujutsu Kaisen

youve probably seen this but its here bcuz its good!! i like all the characters sm. my scrunglies 💖

Love Live Nijigaku

YEAHH LOVE LIVE once a love live fan u stay that way. anyway both seasons are incredible way better than the others! rina autisms we love her

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