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Q-T Planet

Q-T aliens

tiny aliens from Q-Planet! about 20-30 cm tall (around 1 foot). They are the main inhabitants of Q-Planet, and there is a very large amount of them! (No one has ever counted)

They cannot verbally speak, but can communicate with the floating orbs atop their heads! They are a gummy-like consistency, and are almost entirely full of fluid, and live by absorbing juice from things like fruits on Q-Planet, or stolen from Earth. They also squeak when they walk ( ˙꒳​˙ )

The Q-T aliens are friends with Q-5, another of their species. They all enjoy causing mischief together, and love to have fun. While one Q-T alien on its own is not very intelligent, when they work together they can do things like build a UFO, or pull more elaborate pranks on Earthlings. There is more info on the @qt_planet twitter account!

concept of Q-Planet with Q-T aliens and Q-5


Q-5 is another member of the Q-T alien species, but much more advanced! While normal Q-T aliens are born from shooting stars landing on Q-Planet, Q-5 was the result of 5 shooting stars colliding in the same place, so she is 5x more powerful! She is an avid fan of Earthling culture, and loves studying it. However, her sources are not always 100% correct!

She loves pranking humans by making incorrect lifehack videos online, and is the source of things like 5 m*nute crafts. She and the Q-T aliens enjoy travelling to Earth to collect Earthling objects, and to cause general mischief there. Q-5 loves to watch Earthling Sci-fi movies to see what they think of aliens! This is why she wears a funny Sci-fi outfit.

other OCs


warning for very slightly NSFW text here!

the top one is more accurate to his design!

Something possessed me to make a Nun Man OC. Sorry in advance !

Abel is around 26 or so, and was born in a church orphanage ( not quite real religion, kind of fantasy catholic ) and was cared for by the nuns there.

Once he grew up, he ended up working with them as he lived there, as this church didn't really have priests / male staff. So he is a nun. This would be fine if he were a religious man, or a decent human being, but he is neither.

He has none of the pure or saintly qualities he is supposed to have, and is a rude, thotty bastard. He thinks he at least looks nice in the nun clothes, even if he's generally wearing masculine clothes these days.

He still lives in the church, but is secretly using the church to summon angels and devils with the goal of Getting Some from them.

Ultimatley, he would love to become God.

As for normal hobbies, he likes to sneak out of the church and eat junk food and buy expensive fashion items. No one is quite sure where he's getting the money for it.

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